Daria gives it to Deanna
Deanna gives it to Rayhan
Rayhan gives it to Jackie
Jackie gives it to Vincent
Vincent gives it to Niladri
Niladri gives it to Simi
Simi gives it to Samira
Samira gives it to Lucy
Lucy gives it to Abdul
Abdul gives it to Steven
Steven gives it to Tina
Tina gives it to Weibin
Weibin gives it to Amenah
Amenah gives it to Maiesha
Maiesha gives it to Gabby
Gabby gives it to Nicole
Nicole gives it to Megan
Megan gives it to Joseph
Joseph gives it to Daria


Pick two or three pieces to talk about in 10 minutes (max).

Think about formulating your critique as questions to the artist. (Remembering that questions already contain a germ of an answer…)

Look back at some of the themes from previous weeks in order to orient your questions to the artist. Spatial/durational time, feedback, spatial and temporal disorientation, machine vision, narrative disorientation, sound/image etc. are all frameworks through which you can think about these video works.

Speak to the technical / material / machinic qualities of the video – everything from the mode of recording to the file format (and level of compression) to all the manipulations which take place in the video itself: editing, overlay, sound/image relations, etc. (Think back to our discussion of machinic vision as well, for more references.)


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