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Digital Music Couldn’t Exist Without the Fourier Transform

Cuba Acoustic Attack: What is a Covert Sound Weapon?

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The Dark Side of VR

Fingernails on a Chalkboard

Listening for the Amphibian Apocalypse AND Navy to Expand Sonar Testing AND Human Noise Disturbs Different Fish in Different Ways (JAKE)

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Your Home’s Online Gadgets Could Be Hacked By Ultrasound

What a Healthy Jungle Sounds Like (SOOA)

Google’s DeepMind AI fakes some of the most realistic human voices yet and this

A whisper, then tingles, then 87 million YouTube views: Meet the star of ASMR and this AND Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (CARLIE)

The Evolution of the Voice in the Digital Landscape AND How SIRI found its Voice (JAMES)

A Message From Your Brain: I’m Not Good At Remembering What I Hear AND In One Ear and Out the Other AND here (PAYTON)

Welcome to the DISCO (gitmo sound) AND Life in Gaza: ‘We wake up to terrifying sonic booms and try to sleep while Israelis are shelling’ (ZIXIN)

The Complete Guide to Listening to Music at Work (DANJING)



The Sonic Roots of Surveillance Society (CARLIE)

China: Voice Biometric Collection Threatens Privacy (JIAYING)

Acousmatic Surveillance and Big Data (PAYTON)

The Dark Side of Game Audio (FRANK)

Video Gaming and the Sonic Feedback of Surveillance (SARA D.G.)

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Do Sonic Weapons Adequately Explain Health Attacks on Diplomats in Cuba? (JESSICA)

iDosing (RON)

These Artists are Making Music with Sonic Weapons (SOOA)

Why a Well-Crafted Melody Has the Power to Colonize your Mind (JAKE)

Lip-reading CCTV could soon capture shoppers’ comments for big companies & Google’s AI can now lip read better than humans after watching thousands of hours of TV (ZIXIN)

Welcome to the DISCO (gitmo sound) (DANJING)

How to Create Sounds that Only You Can Hear in a Venue AND Hyper-focused Beams of Sound (SAM)

Drones, Sound, and Super-Panoptic Surveillance (JAMES)

Why We Love Repetition in Music (CHRISTINA)

How SIRI found its Voice (SARAH)

Adobe VoCo launch! & Should We Be Afraid? & Lyrebird

The Music of Mind Control

Silicon Valley Helps Police Fight Bad Guys of the Future ()

In Urban War for Peace and Quiet, Soundproofers Are Busier Than Ever ()

The ear underground (Acoustic Sensing) ()

Social Media “Listening” AND How the Cops Watch Your Tweets in Realtime ()

Artificial Intelligence Produces Realistic Sounds that Fool Humans and this

Google’s DeepMind AI fakes some of the most realistic human voices yet and this 

Get Ready To Be Identified By Your Ear

Acoustic Cloaking Device Hides Objects from Sound

Auditory Illusion Collection


The Mystique of Sonification

Size and the Acoustic World

Catastrophic Listening

Pleasure Beats: Using Sound for Experience Enhancement

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Scientists are Recording the Sound of the Whole Planet

Gyroscope Listening Hack

Could the Menstrual Cycle have Shaped the Evolution of Music?

App Controlled Hearing Aid

Genetic Cochlear Implants

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Auditory Hallucinations

Big Brother is in Your Spotify

Audio game softens tinnitus!

Don’t Freak Out About Ultrasonic Malware (Yet) AND HERE and HERE

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Drones, Sound, and Super-Panoptic Surveillance

Deriving cryptographic keys by listening to CPUs’ “coil whine” AND here

Sound protection standards for secret spaces may be insufficient

Caltech researchers create ‘sound bullets’

Researchers Turn Current Sound Localization Theories ‘On their Ear’

Acoustic Noise Improves Visual Perception and Modulates Occipital Oscillatory States

Reviving and Restoring Lost Sounds

Metamaterials Developed To Bend Sound Waves, Deflect Tsunamis

Hack My Hearing

Why Noise Is The Enemy

These Vintage Sound Locators Are Weirder Than They Look


The world’s best engineers are losing their mojo

Researchers prove PC viruses can spread via microphones


This Soundproof Cardboard Shed Lets You Scream in Peace

RF Safe-Stop shuts down car engines with radio pulse

Glendale School District Monitoring Students’ Social Media With Geo Listening

Silicon Valley Helps Police Fight Bad Guys of the Future

Tasting music like wine: Sensory evaluation of concert halls

Listening to the Listeners

Using Subterranean Acoustics to Explore Cave Art

A Brief History of the Waveform

The Sound of the Earth AND here

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Listening to Mushrooms

Cochlear Implant Can Be Wirelessly Recharged

Cultural Relativity in Perceiving Emotion from Vocalizations

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Ultrasonic Brain Stimulation

Psychoacoustics: An Introduction

Can a Loud Enough Sound Kill You? AND here

An Online Museum for Vanishing Sounds

Hyperacusis Diary

Smartphone turned into an Avalanche Transceiver

A History of Sound Art

The Machine Zone

Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets Using Sound

World Record for Longest Ever ECHO

How Speech Sounds Activate the Brain

Eavesdropping: Defectors Cannot Be Detected

Hearing Loops and HERE

One-Way Sound; Acoustic Circulator and HERE

Generative Sound & Song Pattern Matrices

What is the HUM?

The Haunted Apparatus (telephonic ghosts)

The Phonautograph: Sound Recording Before Edison

Filling in the Missing Fundamentals

Fox Hunting by Sound Localization

The Sounds of Jupiter

Pareidolia: Rorschach Audio

EVP Recording by Friedrich Jurgensson

Ultrasound Killed the Surgical Star

Ultrasound Boosts Sensory Performance

The Music of Mind Control

Inner Speech Phenomenology

The First Recording of Hallucinated Music

The Voices in Our Heads

The Voices Within (re-upload)

The surprising sounds detected by a Nuclear Monitoring Network

Radio Signal Interference

Soundscape Architecture

Sound Affects Muscle Activation in Skateboarding

Voice of Emotion Across Species

What Will our Cities Sound Like in the Future?

How Sound Affects the Taste of our Food

Military: Device that Hides Objects from Sound Waves

Musical Anhedonia: Why Some People Just Don’t Like Music and here

Why We Love Repetition in Music

Why Does Music Make People Cry?

What Happens in the Brain when Blind People Learn to See With Sound?

Action-Based Effects on Music Perception

Chips that Listen to Bacteria

Mind-Controlled Music Player

Evidence of Ancient Music History Encoded in Music’s Complex Patterns

Common Brain Circuitry Processes Music and Language

Impulse Response Library

Using Subterranean Acoustics to Explore Ancient Cave Art

The Art of Forgetting in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing

Loud Music Murder Trial

Listening to the Purring, Electromagnetic Weirdness of Mushrooms

Rechargeable Cochlear Implants

The Sound of Atoms Bonding

Cultural Relativity in Perceiving Emotions from Vocalizations

Human Noise Disturbs Different Fish in Different Ways


Duetting Musicians are Linked by Math

Planetary Harmonics and Neurobiological Resonances

Bottling Up Sound Waves

Brain Time

 Superior Time Perception for Lower Musical Pitch

Humming Brains

Vocal Fry

Infrasonic Map Cues

The Machine That’s Saving the History of Recorded Sound

Spiders Sounding Out

Auditory Illusion Compilation Video

1485.0 kHz

New Algorithm Turns the Emotion of Language into Music

Birth of the Microphone

Turning Brainwaves into Sound

Technology Saves Echoes of Past

Familiar Music Arouses Coma Patients

The Revolution Will Be Sonified

Is Pop Music Getting Louder?

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Acoustic Feedback to Optimize Rowing!

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The visual microphone

Sounding Out the History of Science