Project 1


1. Pair up with a classmate.

2. Your performance will explore the superimposition of physical space with virtual mediation through the phone and video call interface.

3. Before determining the nature of the final performance, experiment with two phones connected via Hangouts while in the same physical space. This is the most important requirement : to spend enough time in these two simultaneous spaces, the physical space that you share, and the Hangouts virtual connection that you also share, but differently. Ideas about what kinds of actions or dialogue would be appropriate will only emerge when you’re actually negotiating these two spaces, figuring them out as they overlap, contradict each other, and generally disorient.

4. Wear headphones connected to the Hangouts feed. Try and block out sounds of the “physical” world as much as possible. Experiment using your phone screen as only visual reference (blocking out peripheral vision as much as possible).

5. What kinds of interactions become difficult? What new connections become possible? How do the “live” and “broadcast” signals overlap, complicate each other? How does time pass in this augmented situation?  You can alternate between being completely cut off from the physical space, trying to experience both spaces at the same time, to only experiencing the physical space. Each will present different opportunities, especially in alternation (going back and forth between one mode and another).

6. Based on your experiments, develop a FIVE-MINUTE activity that will take advantage of the two superimposed worlds. This can involve the performance of actions, a staged conversation, impromptu comments on the nature of the evolving experience (see Boomerang), mutual manipulation of each other’s perceptual field etc.

7. Do the performance while recording Hangouts feeds. You will need to figure out how to capture video streams. It is easier with Android than iOS.

8. Import both Hangouts videos into Premiere, synchronize them, resize both screens and arrange them side by side. TUTORIAL HERE.

9. Export to .mp4.


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