Crossing Boundaries


Term:  Fall 2013

Course Director          

Marc Couroux
322 J Goldfarb Centre for Fine Arts
couroux [at] yorku [dot] ca
Course consultation hours: by appointment

Teaching Assistant

Kika Thorne
kthorne [at] yorku [dot] ca
Course consultation hours: by appointment

Time and Location

Section 01: Tuesday 1:30 PM – 5:30 PM, Goldfarb Fine Arts 334 and 328 (Marc Couroux) 

Section 02: Wednesday 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM, Goldfarb Fine Arts 334 and 328 (Kika Thorne)

Crossing Boundaries is dedicated to an interrogation of the student’s social, political, cultural situation within cybercapitalism via technical environments and modalities which leverage the acquisition of knowledge. It also constitutes a foundational introduction to the concerns of the Time-Based Art area, fostering transdisciplinary intersections and overlaps between disciplinary frameworks proper to performance, sound and video, within a sustained investigation of time and process writ large, in order to instigate new sensuous and cognitive modalities by which the contemporary world can be accessed and challenged.

How might art, through contemporary techne, open up new potential within everyday life for cunning action and intervention? What role can fictional quantities play in a reorientation of reality and a reopening of the foreclosed future proper to postmodernism’s “end of history”? What powers embedded in new technologies might yet be harnessed to reclaim time as a transformative force? How might the mechanisms of viral transmission proper to instant communication and feedback be concretely exploited?

The boundaries and overlaps between sound, video and performance will be interrogated through three major hybrid projects within conceptual frameworks: the first involving the use of sound recording to document an infra-legible intervention into a public situation, the second exploring disciplinary discrepancies between sound and image practices within mainstream forms, the third attending to psychological and physiological trajectories impelled by extended durational practice.

In so doing, the student will acquire a number of technical skills, essential to his/her progression through the upper-levels of the time-based art area. Technical workshops will include introductions to sound (Audacity) and video editing (Premiere), compression for online circulation and basic audio recorder and microphone use.

The course will consist in weekly lectures focused on the presentation of artwork and ideas germane to the course, paired with lab time geared towards working out technical and conceptual aspects of the student’s projects. In-process work will be periodically discussed in an environment of open exchange, in which alternate / future creative, conceptual or technical ramifications will be elaborated upon.

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