Project 2


NOTE: This is a SOLO project!

Make 2 videos, two-minutes each, one with an HD camera, the other with your phone camera.

Each video should exploit the functions of each camera as well as experiment with their physical manipulation (non-standard methods of holding the camera, attaching it to various body parts and devices, etc.)

One of the two videos should also incorporate temporal disorientation (via editing, superimposition, time stretch or compression etc.).

The essence of this project is to use the camera(s) and editing suite to disorient yourself from conventional perspectives, and to re-learn how to navigate the “physical world” (how to see) and process time:
- by de-linking camera (machine) vision from your eyes (i.e. your vision is no longer determining what is being captured by the camera) (spatial)
- by using the editing suite to reorganize time (through superimpositions, reordering footage, stretching and compressing time, repetitions etc.) (temporal)

Upload both videos to YouTube.


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