Week 9 (Nov. 16)


Giorgio Agamben—Homo Sacer (Sovereign Power and Bare Life), 3 Excerpts: Introduction (p. 1-12), The Politicization of Life (119-125) & Biopolitics and the Rights of Man (126-135) (1998)

The Invisible Committee—To Our Friends (2014),  two sections: (Our Only Homeland: Childhood, p. 169-195) & 5 (Fuck Off Google, p. 99-129)

Beatriz Preciado—Pharmaco-Pornographic Politics: Towards a New Gender Ecology (2008) OR selections from Testo Junkie (TBD)


Kristin Ross—Communal Luxury (The Political Imaginary of the Paris Commune) (2015), Ch. 5 (“Solidarity”)

Fredric Jameson – Valences of the Dialectic, Ch. 16: Utopia as Replication (p. 410) (2009)

Roberto Esposito—Bios

Wendy Brown—Undoing the Demos

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