Project 3


“from background to foreground : viral spacetime alterations”

A durational performance in the Visual Arts Building which lasts between 2 and 24 hours, with sound as the central component. Your performance is meant as an anomalous event within the environment of your choice. (In contrast to the “invisible” nature of the first project.) Because of this, you will be negotiating various levels of activity which normally go unnoticed: security, flow of movement through a space, the sonic profile of the environment (placed into perspective by your intervention), the disposition of individuals in/moving through the space, the social function of the space and your position in it, etc.

Your intervention must set in motion some kind of change of disposition, a rerouting of energy, of movement, of attitude. It must have a definite effect which forces elements normally in the background to the foreground, where surrounding individuals now become aware of them. You are interrupting the normal continuity of sound and space in the Visual Arts building by proposing an alternate method of being in the building physically, rhythmically, sonically.

The materials forming the basis of this performance are open: voice / body-related, analog or digital technologies used in non-standard ways, etc.

something which is out-of-place

an incomprehensible deviation

an excessive situation, a spilling over

a parasite which rides along with the signal

something which is outside of systems of evaluation

which cannot be immediately read and digested, which sticks in the throat

noise is always contextual, relational

This week: The Research.

1. Determine a spacetime. Ex: Wednesday November 20 2-5 PM

What normally occurs in that space at that time? If you don’t know, you need to research.

Any space in the building is potentially useable.

2. What kind of durational sonic performance would function to induce new ways of being in that space at that time?

The type of intervention should maximize the particular viral qualities of the space in question. You are making an alteration that can potentially spread and be taken up by other individuals in the vicinity, and passed on to others etc.

Question: What is the potential of your noisy intervention to become “normalized” over the long duration (where it no longer disrupts)? Can you conceptualize an intervention which could NOT be normalized?

3. Make a proposal by email.

Next week: The intervention.

You will document your durational performance with a Zoom audio recorder or equivalent device (no cell phone). Make sure to test recording levels.

Final week: The Report.

Your 1000-word report will include:

- all the negotiations resulting from your incursion into public space,

- the state changes brought about during the extended duration in which it took place. Physical/bodily, psychological, mental.

- Draw a timeline which illustrates as precisely as possible your own bodily/psychological state as it changed throughout the performance, accidents which occurred, or slow slips from state to state.

- Document the effects of your performance on the surrounding context on another, parallel timeline.


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