Project 3

PROJECT 3: dis-orientation

We live in a historical period in which media confronts us on a daily basis with routine psychedelic hallucination in the form of rapid-edits tailored for short attention spans. We are constantly being mobilized, attracted by a kinetic spectacle, keeping us in a kind of eternal present, where only the NOW matters. YouTube has normalized this condition of distracted, hypnotic viewing. The inability to assume any continuity between past, present and future is a symptom of a schizophrenic condition. In a context of constant interruption, how do you make interruptions that really STICK?

Your task for Project 3 is to investigate the EDIT and its capacity for disorientation in 2013, by

a) Viewing a wide variety of media (movie, YouTube, commercials, TV shows etc.), noting observations on your blog:

- the manner in which continuity is made (and un-made) by edits (remember our discussions on continuous and discontinuous time from the first weeks)

- the degree of relative disruptiveness of editing in a given material

- the role sound plays in minimizing the traumatic effect of visual edits

- your own role in collaborating perceptually and cognitively with the connections that are being made

b) Make a 5-minute video which moves between continuity and discontinuity

think about producing continuity by editing contrasting sources together

as well as producing discontinuity by editing similar (but not the same) sources together

c) Constraints

- sound and image always come from different sources (the original soundtrack for each clip is replaced by another soundtrack)

- use a minimum of 30 source materials (sourced online)

- find a series of systems you will use to make decisions. (Don’t stick to only one).

for example:

- change image on every edit, change sound after every word

- each image continues the previous sound

- change image every 5 seconds, change sound every 4 seconds

d) WRITE-UP (1000 words): Due December 17.

Your write-up should address all of the following:

- reflections on the shifting nature of CONTINUITY and DISCONTINUITY in 2013 (give examples from the viewing you did before making this project – movie, YouTube, commercials, TV shows etc.)

- your attempts to make the continuous appear discontinuous, and the discontinuous appear continuous

- your use of sound in relation to image : how does sound contribute to creating an effect of continuity or discontinuity?

- the particular systems you used in your work, and especially their effect in generating a sense of disorientation

e) LIST OF 30 SOURCES (hand in with your write-up – titles and URLs)

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