INTRODUCTION to the TIME-BASED ART area (foundational course)

Which BOUNDARIES are we talking about?

disciplinary boundaries (academic intervention) – blurring of boundaries between sound, video and performance = TRANSDISCIPLINARITY, impurity of disciplines

between art and non-art (art dissolving into everyday life – but what does that mean in this day and age? The everyday also has to be scrutinized.)

between individuals: co-subjectivity (acting separately) vs. inter-subjectivity (acting/negotiating in concert)

borders of socially acceptable / disciplined behavior (personal boundaries)

making you aware of what you didn’t know you knew – intensified listening / viewing abilities through the neuro-modulation effected by an unprecedented intensity of information flow – multiplicity of signals – the information economy is an INTENSIVE environment (one which permeates your entire psychic/biological functioning)

the themes in this course are designed to help uncover PROBLEMS that stick in your craw and that can’t be easily resolved.

to cross the boundary separating us from a more EXPANSIVE view of the role of ART in the world and how it can help actualize another kind of future (how do we imagine the future now – if one even exists!)

NEXT WEEK: the boundaries of capitalist control (more on this next week) see MOBIUS diagram briefly (hanging in class)

the boundaries separating oneself from imagining a FUTURE different from the one prescribed by the bad feedback loops of capitalism

TIME will be a constant theme in the class (more details in theme 3)

each project will involve competing conceptions of time

exploiting the particular properties of time to achieve certain results

theme 1 will deal with time in the sense of long-term accumulation, exposure to a set of rituals, environmental properties, DISPOSITIONS…


DISCUSSION of assigned readings
presentation of results of EXERCISES
ARTWORK viewing
WORKSHOP time (depending on the project)

The work in this class is going to be part analytical and exploratory and part interventionist and active.

Your engagement and attention will be required throughout the term!

CRITIQUES in weeks 4, 8 and 12

FORMAT of critique: each student will have a respondent chosen according to a particular technique which will not be known in advance.


1. INTERVENTION with field recording, as a quasi-magical action in the world

2. Sound and image APPROPRIATION and DECOUPLING (the most technically intensive part of the course), viral circulation

3. DURATIONAL PERFORMANCE, as an exploration of consciousness, distraction and virtuals.


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