Week 5 (Oct. 17)


Keller Easterling—Disposition (2010)

Chris Fleming & John O’Carroll—The Art of the Hoax (2010)

Vinciane Despret—The Enigma of the Raven (2002)


RAQS Media Collective—X Notes on Practice

Matthew Fuller & Andrew Goffey – Toward an Evil Media Studies (2009)

Taking cues from the Sophists (Plato’s arch-enemies) and Schopenhauer’s Art of Always Being Right, the authors focus on interventional strategies within the “grey areas” of everyday technological infrastructure, often overlooked, but pervasive in their operations.

Alfred Gell—The Technology of Enchantment and the Enchantment of Technology (1992)

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy - Ghost in the Shell Game: On the Mètic Mode of Existence, Inception and Innocence (2013)

François Jullien – Treatise on Efficacy, Chapter 1 “Fixing One’s Eyes on a Model” andChapter 5 “The Structure of Opportunity”  (1996)

Marcel Détienne & Jean-Pierre Vernant – Cunning Intelligence in Greek Culture and Society (1974)

Michel Serres – The Parasite (1980)

James C. Scott – Domination and the Arts of Resistance (1990)


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