ZOOM recorder


Before starting, make sure the SD card is inserted.

1. Slide power switch to on position.

2. (The machine will take a while to load if the card is full – you will see an hourglass…)

3. To select AUDIO FORMAT, press button “4 (WAV/MP3)”. A range of possibilities presents itself. WAV 44.1Khz / 16bit is uncompressed. You may also use mp3 format, but be wary of compression. (You can always compress to mp3 later.)

4. To use the built in microphones, set INPUT to MIC – the MIC button will light up red.

5. You can also set the FOLDER, though the machine will default to whatever folder the previous user was recording to. Never fear, the Zoom will not overwrite files. It automatically increments file #s with every new recording.

6. Press the REC button once – you will notice it flashing. The machine is NOT RECORDING YET (the clock has not started), but you have an opportunity to adjust the input volume with the REC LEVEL buttons (up/down) on the right side. A good practice is to set the REC LEVEL as high as possible without “clipping” (distortion). When audio clips, the MIC button frantically flashes.

7. Once you have a good level, press REC a second time. You will see the timing begin to increment. You are now recording.

8. To stop recording, press the STOP button.

9. To PLAY the file back, press PLAY. To select tracks, use the BACK and FORWARD arrows below the STOP and PLAY buttons.

10. To DOWNLOAD files to your computer, turn the machine OFF. Insert the proper USB cable. The machine will turn on automatically.

11. Select STORAGE by depressing the wheel above the MENU button (on the RIGHT side). The USB STORAGE window will appear on the machine and a FOLDER will appear on your Desktop.

12.  Drag and drop files as usual.


Use a wind sock, or equivalent (an actual sock works). If you’re recording outdoors, you’ll want to cut out some of the wind.




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