FINAL PROJECT: Speculative Intervention Proposal

In 3000 words, referencing no fewer than 5 of the readings (and alternate sources) worked on throughout the class, detail a proposal for an intervention. This proposal need not be realized (though it might be possible to do so). Your proposal should be as detailed as possible and involve a close analysis of the situation which is to be intervened in (be it online, physical or a combination of the two). Understanding the particular dispositions of a situation affords a more precise strategic elaboration and makes possible the seizing of a kairotic (from Gr. kairos), opportune moment. Your text can be accompanied by diagrams and other forms of documentation which allow for a more detailed picture of your proposal to emerge.


The assemblage you will make will consist of three types of content, which all combine together:

1 – A specific social-political-cultural vector along which the intervention will take place: eg. an upcoming event which might allow for an opportune gap to intervene in (a political meeting; an organized protest; a upcoming broadcast etc.). Or it can be a longer-term process eg. slowly spreading certain types of information, behavior; steering emergent behavior, altering a particular corporate image through steady sabotage etc.

Details that will need to be covered: what is at stake in this particular event (brief history and contextualization); what its particular temporal and spatial qualities are (duration of the event, location—this location can be physical as well as a combination of physical and virtual (online sit-ins that flow out into the offline world); in other words, what is its disposition—the propensities of the situation in question (what would require minimal effort to alter). If the boundaries of the process take place over a longer span of time, then detail the stages that might form part of the process.

2 – Materials from 5 texts looked at throughout the term (any texts are possible). Additional materials should include: news articles, tweets (such as those on the Sources page), and additional academic texts if needed. Pull from these materials as many details as possible which will allow you to…

3 – Speculate on a set of techniques and strategies that might exploit perceived weaknesses in the system / event under investigation. (eg: what types of contagion would be appropriate; what rhetorical techniques or cunning intelligence could be employed; how much time would be required to plan and carry out the intervention; what technologies would be necessary to accomplish the act (and the limitations of these technologies); what modes of communication (think of the “scopic media” example from the Complex Global Microstructures text, but also more underground networked collaboration) etc.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, use your experience with the materials and processes of ART to inform the contours of the intervention. Any art discipline is comprised of skills, affordances, and particularized technologies which allow for a more subtle perception of the world and the details which can become aesthetic handles. (Singleton’s article is useful here). It is crucial that you take advantage of your existing knowledge and experience as art makers to improve the specificity of your intervention (starting from a place of deep knowledge and proceeding outwards towards more speculative terrain).

You can structure the text in any way that suits the content you’re dealing with.

Include any kind of diagram, chart, etc. which might help illustrate the complexities of the situation / process intervened in.

DEADLINE: April 15. Documents must be in PDF or .DOCX formats.