Xenopraxis Sitation Open House Award

Dear intrepid installationeers and xenopractitioners,

A new Open House award has been inaugurated for this year’s edition entitled the Xenopraxis Sitation (pun intended = Citation + Site) to be given to the student whose site-specific installation project makes the most innovative use of the Goldfarb Building’s existing architectural and structural features and idiosyncrasies.

This $250 award was developed after numerous conversations with VASA in which fervent desires to see the building animated with student work were intensely expressed. More importantly, this award is intended to jumpstart broader conversations around the use of the building for these purposes.

To this effect, please spread the word about this award to your colleagues so that they may begin thinking about potential projects. It is important to underline that these are all subject to discussion—adventurousness and risk-taking should therefore be strenuously encouraged! (The only basic restrictions at this point involve the maintenance of unobstructed fire exits and doorways.)

Projects can be of any kind as long as they actively exploit the specificity of the installation location.

The process will function as follows:

1) Students submit their proposals to VASA (vasa.yorku@gmail.com) outlining their desired installation location within the Goldfarb building, necessary equipment and/or materials, and a short description of the motivation behind the choice of site—DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION MONDAY APRIL 13!

2) The proposal is assessed in relation with safety concerns;

3) The student is given the go-ahead (or not) to install April 15.

I will be coordinating this award in close collaboration with VASA, so please let me know if you have any initial questions or concerns.

Looking forward to an exciting Open House April 15!